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Robert Earl Cape Ranch and house, Dalton, Nebraska


Soddy house


Jacob Mauer Soddy, Dalton, Nebraska

Home 1985


New York site of original Jeram (Catherine Keup) home, later burned. Listed in the National Registry

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Jeram House in Newtonville, Colonie Township, N.Y. taken in 1936 and 1983


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The John Matthew Cape House

316 W Hopkins Street, San Marcos, Texas taken in 1916

National Register of Historic Places, 1983

Locust Lawn 1849

"Locust Lawn" Chambersburg, Clark Co., Mo.

This estate was bought by Charles J. Nelson in 1849 from Conway, who had just built the brick house. It was said to have been a large farm at that time. Nelson only lived a few years after moving here from Tenn., leaving the estate to his daughter Maria Louisa Nelson. She went back to Tenn. and in 1853 married Thomas Binford Winston. The Winstons returned to Locust Lawn about 1855 and lived in the brick house. Chambersburg was established in 1837, named after Chambersburg, Penn. and was laid out in streets for a large town. This being the reason why the brick house faces west, instead of to the road. A street would have been where the frame house is.

Alvington CourtAlvington Courtnear the mouth of the Severn River.

Ancestral home of Woodroffe family, since the 1500's. In the 1600's the estate consisted of more the 2000 acres. The Woodroffe's are related to the Keups via Valerie Synder

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