Diary of Jacob Custer Mauer & his wife DeVona Lorena Dickinson Mauer for the year of 1910


Day Wind Information

1 NE New Year Colder hauled water & filled house cistern Seen

the New Year come in last night

2 NE Cold changed to N W PM

3 NE Clear & Cold Chil. stay home Sold Hannah boy 26 bu corn

Recd pay 15.60 cold SE wind PM

4 SE Change to NW PM cold as blazes did not do much but

chores ground Graham this eve Blizzard

5 WNW Pretty cold clear mill pumping good Blowed snow last Night

6 NW Clear But did not thaw any. Pump Froze Mind Mittin Vona

Make a waist Moderated little this eve

7 W Warmer hauled 3 loads hay Sun dogs & Rain Bowcolor

west of them Mill would not run

8 NW Clear went to well found pump froze Went to Walfords Butcher

pig Delno & Me

9 SE Clear & pretty cool thawed pump

10 NW Clear Cool got jag green wood thawed pump in evening

11 NW Not enough to Run mill last 6 days Went to Dalton 2 sk

Flour No coal in town lots snow

12 NW Clear Mill Pumping Water Vona Went to Ferichs Mrs F

Not very well Thawed very little

13 NW Not Blowing thawed some Vona washed I fixed Delno

shoes Pretty Nice Day

14 SE Cold & Blowing fog in air & Frost Cold all day done some

soldering abt noon

15 SW Warmer Fost on everything got potatoes out of cave

16 NW Sunday hardly any wind clear & fineWent to Ferichs in evening

all of us

17 NW spitting snow later clearing off Delno & I went to Ranch

hunting horses didnt fi d them 2 Fericks & Hob came past

18 NW Went hunting Horses found them on ridge 3 ms north Went

to 'Walfords got 5 1/2 bu at 40 = 210 Paid

19 NW Bergis got Blocks & Pulleys we hauled 3 bbl water got some

dry wood & 3 more water PM Blowing hard t night

20 NW Colder & Blowing little Walford & I went to Broadwater

Roads little icey Hazel first see Halleys comet this eve

21 SW Hauled 2 loads water got 1 load dry wood crows nest

22 NW Com thawing 10 am thawed More than for long time Went to

Thompsons for old buggy 40 above zero

23 NW Pulled Pump Walford Ferichs & I & sand pumped

Chil. started to school again

24 SW Chil to school went to Sollies got dog to put down pipe

Walford helped this aft Bargained for 2 sows at Sollies

25 SW Got 2 sows from Lorenz Saali 44 pd drove biggest one &

hauled the other with 6 pigs

26 NW Fixed pigs nest Cleaned out mangers Blizzard last night

Berges surprise party

27 NW Turned mill in gear Pumped sand for while then was OK

got 2 bbl water for house

28 NW Started mill again & was OK wrote letters to Comstock & Ward

nice & still this eve Sprinkled 8 PM

29 NW Blowed hard last night light Bliz this morn Nice at Noon &

rest of day

30 NW Cloudy but cleared PM Manee Schuler & Boys was here on visit

31 NW Hauled hay fine day not much wind put some of cows in

correll Bull calf last night



Feb 1910

Day Wind

1 NW Got jag green wood this forenoon got bbl house water aft noon

cows ok some water

2 NW Blowing Snow colder ground hog seen his shadow this afternoon

ground grain quit snowing 1 pm Chil. home

3 NW Clear & Cold Chil to school warmer at noon turned stock all out

2 Statens or O -Skins cousins here looking at sec. 12

4 NW hauled stock water 2 bbl Vona baked bread Mrs Ferichs was here

for dinner thawed some

5 NW To Dalton Walford to lift sand point with Davis to sell dep $80.00

Dis money

6 S Nearly clear not very cold

7 NW Chil to school Jake about sick with cold & coff Vona water stock

at noon

8 NW SWAN colder Mina sick chil stay home Delno got coff & cold Swan

went to school

9 NW Chil Not well stay home I went to Pools & Paid Mrs Pool school order

not very cold

10 NW Chil to school helped pull Ferichs pump Vona came aft noon

windy cooler PM

11 NW Chil last day to school got swan got 2 bbl water for house

12 NW Snowed last night Vona in bed with cold

13 SW Sunday Clear AM Blowing NW at noon cloudy 4 pm warm

Mrs Ferichs came this PM

14 W Mrs Ferichs stayed all night Vona went to F at 2 PM Mrs sick I went to

ranch PM & found horses fine warm day

15 NW Cold blowing it blowed hard from SW at 10 last night 7 pigs Moved

sow & pigs to stable to keep warm

16 NE Coldest for some time Sun little warm at noon did not do much today


17 NW Cold hob got tongue pumped tank full clear & cold sharp wind

18 NW Cloudy went Dalton sent for pipe dog got good from Ward Paid

school warrants

19 SE Cold hauled 2 Bx hay & 2 BBl water for stock Wind NE tonight

look like blizzrd

20 SW Snowed last night just enought to cover ground thawing SE this eve

21 SW hauled 2 loads house water Blowed hard at noon wased all overalls

22 NW Coldest night for some time Hob brought mail past Fixed shoes

23 SW Cold this morn Warm at noon cooler aftnoon got 2 jags wood

set hen pd Walford 50 cents River Hen

24 NW Went to river nice day J & A was on thier claim seen J & Mrs Hall

25 NW Cloudy & warm hauled water for stock Put 6 1/2 bbl in pond took

top off of tank

26 NW Snowing clear before noon pumped some in tank

27 NW Clear & nice shaved thawing all went to mill abt noon Sunday

28 SW Cloudy took ice out of tank & hauled it up here & put it in pond

Clear at noon blowed hard


Mar 1910

Day Wind

1 SW Clear this Morn Blowing hard at noon Cleaned out tank & starte mill

PM Vona washed

2 NW Clear seen train at river 10 min of 9 Com dig south room hauled brush

from tank

3 NW Clear Plowed sod h ot day ground froze a little but plowed pretty good

4 SW Nearly west little hazy warm day Fixed wagon box hauled sod 3 loads

Sprinkled pm

5 SW Hazy 5 loads sod Vona & Delno went nearly to eagle nest for cows

Blowed hard this pm

6 NW Clear & fine ice 1/4 in mill did not pump much Hen

7 W Hazy but cleared off got 5 loads sod & 2 bbl house water Walford &

his bro Charlie here abt noon

8 NW Clear 5 loads sod nice am turned cooler pm

9 W Spitting snow Meadow lark this am 2 2/3 loads sod worked on house

all day clear pm

10 NW Finished south gable got 4 loads sod for petition cool am clear

warmer pm sun north of crib

11 W Clear hot 4 Bx hay am hauled 2 loads sod Mrs Ferichs was here

for seeds nice day

12 NW Clear & Warm took out old & put in new sod petition dusty job

13 NW Clear nice finished gable on petition & put indoor cleaned up

14 SE Cool Clear trimmed wallam hauled 9 bbl water pm & cleaned up

around tank greased wagon

15 W Clear & Cool went to Dalton got lumber Flour sent for Eggs & Roofing

16 NW Nailed on finish Boards Run out of nails

17 NW Went to Broadwater got nails & door & window traded John grain

for calf

18 NW Put on roof put in door & window got some water Nolte went past

19 S Plowed hot day planted sweet corn

20 NW Went down to Johns got calf (paid) 1.00 change

21 NW Plowed am calf got out & hunted it part of pm plowed in evening

22 S Plowed got 3 bbl water for house after dinner then plowed till night

23 NW Blowing hard went to Dalton got eggs & sent 3.90 for roofing

Mt gom Was a little icy

24 S Butchered Pig am plowed pm windy Ferichs pulled Dnld home

Vernon Went past

25 NW Plowed all day Vona baked & cut up pig rinderd lard made

sausage fried it (finished it) ?

26 S Blowing hard at noon Plowed am _se t_hen_ sprinkle 730 pm

Hen hatched 12 chicks

27 NW Clear colder Mark Strickler was here & Chas Winshall in

28 SE Hazy & cool sweet corn sprouted Plowed am Blowed 3 bbl water am

& well tools pump choked with sand

29 NW rain hail sleet last night and raining & spitting snowat noon today

Blizzard 2 pm Cows came home to roost

30 NW Clear did not freeze very hard Blowed hard last night tried to start

pump but it was tight with sand

31 SW Clear froze last night Pull pump not much sand in cyliinder done at

11 am plowed aft noon


April 1910

1 SE Plowed all day cold wind am warmer pm

2 SW Plowed about all day got 2 1/2 bbl house water

3 NW Got cows from ranch hauled 2 loads water cool

4 NW Cold windy got 2 loads sand & plastered some on house Delno

got mail from J. Ws

5 NW Clear plowed Vona plastered Dlno mixed mud

6 SW Plowed Vona washed Delno plastered a little

7 NE Plowed Vona plastering Delno mix mud

8 SW Cool Plowed all day Vona baked & plastered

9 SW Clear Went to Dalton for roofing hauled water pm

10 SW Sunday Put roofing on hazy at noon Ferichs got sein & went

fishing 2 fish

11 S Put few sod on roof I plowed Vona plastered Delno mix mud

12 SE Plowed & made drag & draged some pm Vona & Delno lay

floor I help some Moved beds in

13 SE dragged am come rain at noon come smoke meat Delno got

9 bbl water raining 11 pm

14 NW Cloudy Raw cold wind turn to blizzard about 9 am and kept it up

all day But very wet

15 NW Blowing hard Sunshine am ground white set out trees & bushes

Vona baked

16 W lots of snow yet Cloudy ice 1 in thick got 16 bu wheat8 bu of oat Walford

80 for wheat 45 for oats total 16.40 pd Blowing hard

17 NW Ice 1/2 in still some snow in spots Blowed hard all day but clear

18 NW clear ice 1/4 in finished floating am harrowed rode on harrow pulled hard

19 SW Clear nice Delno got cows from ranch sowed oats & harrowed &


20 NW Clear warm sowed wheat 14 bu 48 lbs Vona white washed

21 NW Cool cloudy hard wind from north harrowed pm broke harrow

Vona white washed

22 NW Nearly clear windy harrowed in wheat

23 NW Clear pretty windy harrowed am planted potatoes pm

24 NE Sunday Clear nice went to ranch for cows got stock water Geo &

John came

25 S Clear ice 1/4 in Geo & John went home aft dinner

warm & nice set hen (pictrure of hen drawn in border)

26 SW Clear nice sowed flax & harrowed some on sod got 1/2 bbl

house water in evening

27 SE Clear & cool enough for coat thi Morn got 2 bbl house water hot

at noon harrowed in flax

28 W Clear finished harrowing & got box hay am got hay pm turned

grinder moved hay rack

29 NW Cool Blowing hard plowed sod pretty day

30 SE Sprinkling Rained some last night Nice rain this eve Delno seen

rattle snake planted sweet corn


May 1910

1 NE Raining rained about all day snowed some pm went nearly to

ranch for cows did not get them Vona & Delno got them

2 NE Froze little last night sunshine this morn plowed sod went to north

end place

3 SE Froze 1/4 in last night raw wind plow sod

4 SE Cloudy with Raw wind & mist all day didnt plow went for cows

couple times

5 SE Foggy & damp went to ranch looking for cow & calf am plowed pm

6 NW Clear in East stayed pretty cool Linberg here assessing value

1085 1/5 of that 217

7 NW Nice day went to Dalton got lumber & flour 2 sks listed land

8 NW Sunday Clear & warm John was at place for water

went to river everybody

9 SE Hauled water am plowed sod pm Vona plant beans

Delno & hazel plant corn

10 SE Foggy plowed sod sprinkle Paid Ferichs 35 cts my 1/3 of dog

Vona planted squash popcorn sweet corn cucumbers etc

11 NE Cloudy Ferichs s cylindr this mon then plowed sod

Vona plante corn & melens sprinkled pm Delno cut his toe

12 N Clear nice plowed sod Vona washed D. planted corn finished

plowing sod at this end of place this eve

13 E Clear rained little last night plowed sod north end of place

Killed R. snake got 30 eggs from Walford

14 SW Cloudy Sprinkled last night plowed sod am looked like rain pm

fixed door killed R. snake

15 NW Blowing cool clear rained last night Delno & I measured to NE cor

but did not find it

16 NW Cold cloudy raw wind blowing hard snowed wet shelled seed corn

ground wheat kept up fire

17 NW Frost clear ice 1/4 in plowed sod laid out 40 step land pm

Mrs F. was here pm

18 SW "Clear cold raw wind got trucks from Jno, W. am Planted corn pm"

Comet nearest to earth 8 am

19 W Clear Cool seen Tail of comet 2.30 this morn Planted corn

killed little R. snake

20 NE Cool cloudy horses got out last night finished planting corn 4 pm

come cold rain 430

21 NE Rain & snow mixed did not do much but keep up fire

22 NW Clear big frost ice thick as window glass Nice day went to

J Walfords got mail school orders

23 NW Cloudy cool helped Walford pull pump hauled water in evening

24 S Clear cool took Mares to Schulers and went on to Dalton

Sent 2.50 to pay tax 1909 river place & school wts

25 SE Hazy cool got 300# potatoes pd Walford 50 cts took his plow home

tended to pigs got 4 bl water

26 SW Hazy cool went to river took up fince Blowed & sprinkled down there

27 SE Foggy & little frost at river got my load & started home at noon

got here 4pm

28 NW Cloudy got load chips am sowed millett Plowed patch sod pm

gnats thick

29 NW Sunday jarrowed & sowed patch millet set stake on west hill

abt noon nice clear day rested this eve

30 NW Went to river place Delno & I got big load post & little wire &

cultivator J & A was there

31 NW Clear & warmColts got out last night & went to ranch cows stayed

out last night in margin Gate Broke


June 1910

1 S Cool some clouds Made c wall Rained at 5 pm light

2 SE Clear warm went to river and got last of fence rained on us coming

home Blowed hard SE

3 NW Cloudy cool rained some last night marked out North fence line

am hunted pigs & cows pm

4 SE Cloudy cool Sprinkled some last night dug post holes first

radishes Made road down canyon Ferichs brought 5 fish

5 S Cloudy cool Delno killed his first R. Snake Run West line Went

to Walfords got mail PM raining at 8pm looks like more coming

6 SE Cloudy in spots cool rained some early paret of night Ferichs went

fishing Set post north end Vona dug for west door cool all day

7 SE Foggy cool & wet rained little last night hunted cows abt all afternoon

Foggy all day with wind

8 SE Foggy & Wet turned Bell in Walfords cleared at 9 am warm

W. changed to NW & blowed hauled post worked at fence pm

9 NW Clear blowing pretty cool set post Vona helped

PM got West line & part of north set

10 NW Clear & cool Finished setting post & put on some wire Went to

Walfords got 20 eggs Walford hawl off hogs tomorrow

11 SE Clear Cool Stretched wire am got 1 roll tangled hawled 2 loads

water & cultivate potatoes pm

12 SE Clear & cool Bell 8th Black Beauty 16th this month

13 SE Clear cool blowed went to Dalton finished plowing potatoes

14 SE Clear cool worked on fence Walford was here for dinner he was

hunting cattle

15 SE Clear warm Smokey worked on fence hot about noon and looked

little like rain in evening

16 SE Cleaar warm Smokey Pump stuck noon Fencing today Rained

little last night Rained shower & blowed hard aft dinner Raining

330pm from SE

17 SW Clear Worked Mill & got pump working again fixed fence past mill

18 E Clear warm Worked on fence took team along Blabed steer aft dinner

Fence rest of day

19 SE Clear warm & dry Sunday Put little ducks in water lots fun

20 SE Clear & warm worked on fence pretty good cloud from west but

not much rain got mail from J W

21 SE Clear warm rained little last night mostly wind & thunder Extra hot

& dry at noon pulled weed pm

22 E Some Clouds sprinkled last night fixed fork & mower painted some

on wagon looked afetr mill

23 SE Clear cool thundering from little cloud NW finished painting waggon

& Buggy Vona put in west door

24 NE Cool some clouds flying filled both cisterns sprinkled at times all day

25 NW Cloudy cool got Mares from Schulers pulled little mustard out of

flax got R. Snake

26 N Sunday Clear Warm dry helped Walford with cattle & had Beer

got all rain we wanted on 29 & 30

27 SE Clear & cold this morn got potato bugs am school meeting pm

got pump working again washed duds

28 S Clear but smokey & cool hoed potatoes Delno helped this pm

Vona greased chicks

29 S Clear cool some clouds noon glorious good raincome pm about 530

still rainging 8 pm hoed & got wire from stak

30 NW Clear in spots Big rain last night run down all the draws & a still

heavier rain at 1 pm lightining killed pig


July 1910

1 S Sunshine damp cool fixed fence killed R. Snake pulled mustard out

of flax pm Cloudy 6pm no rain glad

2 NW Nearly clear heavy dew cool plowed potatoes pulled mustard

out of flax

3 SE Clear Cattle eat north end corn went to Olof Lindberg to see about damage

for corn got home about 5 pm

4 SW Clear Nice Mom shooting fire crax went to Walford fix irons for mower

not home Blowed ion evening

5 NW Clear cool sprinkled last night Pull Ferichs pump ours choked up

worked at itpart of aft noon till night

6 NW Clear cool worked with pump got it going alright stayed with it till

nearly night to see it didnt choke

7 NW Clear cool went to Broadwater and by place & got floor hot about

noon got home 6 pm

8 NE Clear got 37 steps wire from Ferichs fixed fence mend harness

Walter Wickrd got bbls

9 NW Cloudy cold shot at coyote pulled weed out flax fixed corner post

10 SW Cold few clouds went over & filled up coyote hole

11 NE Cloudy cool went to Ferichsgo bbls hawled house water am & hay pm

& fixed tug calf gone

12 S Some clouds cool pump choked got it loose again filled tank fixed

road west of mill

13 SE Few clouds cool 149 chicks drove 13 O Lindberg horses off

of ridge started pig lot fixed tugs hot at noon

14 NW Clear went to ranch looking for yearling had dinner at ranch

came passt Olaf cattle did not find her

15 SW Clear went to Berges to help raise pump up on new platform hot day

16 SE Smokey pulled Ferichs pump hot rained little evening had mill in

all night

17 NW Clear Went to Seifers got mail at Pools Walford was sick

18 SE Clear got 2 loads water went to Dalton sent warrant to co Treas

got 25 of bank 10% for 2 months

19 SE Clear Cool Went to ranch found Mack Radcliff had killed my

heifer in the dip first new potatoes

20 NE Clear sprinkled last night built wire pig pen Pretty hot middle of day

21 NE Cloudy this morn sprinkle little last night got pail new potatoes 10am

22 NE Clear Chased some Y\ horses through west gate hot at noon

corn wilted load water

23 NW about clear Rainbow this Morn got load chips fixed chair & painted it

Painted little on Buggy

24 0 Scarcely any wind clear plenty wind at noon SE Pulled Ferichs pump

Put on new cylinder pumped sand to beat the band

25 NE Clear Painted Buggy wheels helped Vona wash comforts Put mill

in gear didnt run much

26 E Clear pumped tank full hot wind aft noon some clouds this eve in

north & west

27 SW Nearly clear mowed between wheat & Oats Vona & Chil went to

Ferichs got cat

28 NW Some clouds com cut Flax Com rain 630 Fine rain slow & steady

No lightning

29 E Cloudy nice rain last night mowed the rest of flax this aft and raked

some of it

30 SE Cloudy damp sprinkled some Com Binding wheat 11 am

Delno & Me shocked this aft Walford came past

31 S Sunday Cool Clear Pretty warm about noon


Aug 1910

1 S Clear Finished cutting wheat at noon shocked little aft dinner

Set trap this eve

2 NW Clear Raked flax hauled t bx hay 1 load house and 1 load stock water

3 NE Clear smokey cool sprinkle last night Mowed on NE 1/4 Vona

watched Mill & filled tank

4 SE Smokey few clouds Raked what hay had cut Put rack on

5 S Sprinkling 5.30 am first roasting ears drizzled most of day got mail

from Walfords

6 SE Gathered Flax forenoon Olbert Bound Oats abt noon paid Ferichs

7.50 for Binding 50 cts @ 15 acre

7 SE Misty this Morn still cloudy at noon tried pump but wind not blowing

hard enough

8 NE Cloudy Cool hauled hay thought was goin to rain pm but was just a

sprinkle 120 chicks

9 NW Cool some clouds I load hay stacked Flax rest of day Ferichs

brought us 1 sk fm Broadwater

10 S Tried to get pump to run am No go so pulled it this aft Ferichs

all here this eve until 8 oclock

11 S Clear not enough wind torun mill this morn cut millet got 1 load

Flax am

12 S Cloudy went to John & A & on to river place sprinkled abt noon

got home about dark

13 NW Clear Smokey 2 loads stock water 1 house water stkd Oats

14 S Cool Cloudy Damp pump water tank full

15 SW Cool Clear Com stacking wheat hot at noon didnt go out until 2pm

16 NE Some clouds & thunder in spots finished stacking at noon hawled

in millet took Ferichs 2 pail corn

17 NW Cool Cloudy nice little rain last night to Dalton got lumber Shoes flour

sugar dresses aprons

18 SE Foggy damp 640# Potatoes to Dalton $9.60 got home 10 pm with

940 coal chgd

19 S Clear cool damo Picked up little potatoes Thunder shower this aft

with hard wind

20 NW Clear fine Ferichs go Rake went to Johns 2 times not home

eighter time

21 NW Clear fine started mill Sunday Oats 85 Flax 17 wheat 130

22 NW Threshed at Olberts till 3pm then pulled here got nearly done

23 SW Smokey to Seifers 4/5 dat threshing probably call it 1 day

got home 8 oclock

24 NW Cold Smokey to Seifers 1 day blowed hard aft noon smoke hid

sun colder

25 NW Clear Cold ice thick as window glass went to Walfords not home

Mowed millet & hay

26 SW Clear Helped thresh at Pools 1 day shoveled Oats

27 NW Clear helped thresh at Pools 1 day hawled bundles

28 NW Cloudy Sunday

29 NE Went Sollies got pipe ring pulled pump Delno Vona & Me dont

know if it will work or not

30 NW Cold about clear worked with pump stuck full of sand

31 SE Went to Statens for Sand bucket & sand Pumped well got pipe

down again by night


Sept 1910

1 SE Started Mill pumped fine put 2 loads water in stock cistern hawled

2 Bx hay Rain at 7pm

2 SE Hwled Millet & Hay mowed bx full abt noon & hawled it got Berges


3 S Took Berges wagon back front wheel tire loose went to Olafs &

Past Ranch rained at noon at ranch

4 NW Sunday Went to J & A all of us and they came up here met them

half between here & ranch

5 NW Cold Blowing J & A started home 9 am got wagon Walford snap

jag corn Put load wheat on

6 SE Hawled 57 Bu wheat to Dalton @ 70 cts loaded up again this eve

7 W Hawled 57 bu again today same price both loads came to

$79.80 Recd same Pd. bank 22.20

8 NE Mowed fore noon Brought up mower & snaped corn aft noon cold

this eve

9 SE Got Ready to pull pump tightened up tank

10 SW Pulled Pump Walford & Olbert helped Warm

11 NE Cool but warm last night Sprinkling 8 PM Vona 30 today Sunday

12 SE Cool damp cloudy sprinkled last night Snap corn dug potatoes

13 SE CoolCloudy finished digging north potato patch sprinkled this

eve wet out potatoes

14 SE Wet fog Mowed fodderpm got rake from Ferichs

15 NW Fine went over & plastered patch on school house am got home 2pm

16 SE fine morning to Broadwater came by place Listed land with Tom

Haisten for 90 days came by Johns

17 NW 25 Due at bank Pd 7th scrubbed school house fixed coal shed

snap corn Ada came this eve

18 N Rained little lat night went down with Ada she took rake

19 NW Rained little last night fine this morn got 1 1/2 bbl clean water wind

went down then

20 SE finished filling both cisterns threshed millet went to Walfords Mail

21 S Rained pretty good last night got jag brush & wood am Rained pm

little went to wedding party

22 NW Clear cool got home 11:o5 last night snap corn pm

23 N Damp cool rainlast night starte to Johns 9 am via Broadwater

took Birthday dinner he 54

24 SW Clear fine got home 25 of 8 last night fixed straw pile

25 N Sunday Cool mist damp Rained some indoors about all day

26 NW Froze just little last night took pipe to town cut it off sent 16.30 to Ward

got Black S to make pipe lifter

27 NW Clear cool put pipe down snaped corn took Ferichs tools home

28 SW Clear Putied in 5 glass school house pd Berges 1.00 for 3 hrs

threshing /////////////////

29 W Few clouds ent to J & A got there about noon dug on well aft noon

got water in eve ning for stock

30 W Fine morn dug on J well dug some poratoes aft noon thn on well

till night


Oct 1910

1 W Dugdug on well then got some water 10 am also struck water in

well loaded in old stable

2 NW got old stable yest eve windy abt noon pulled for home this morn

got home little aft 11 am wind

3 SW Clear & cool frost Chil start school I went to Walfords got mail

snap corn pm

4 NW Dug potatoes am wind came up 10 am Blowed hard went to

Walfords pm tend pigs

5 NW Hd hrd time to catch Deck started dig Pots about 10 Dug rest of day

nice day

6 NW Froze ice thick as glass Eunice pretty sick last night got 14 apples of

Ferichs to be pd back Pd dug potatoes

7 NW Clear dug potatoes got water at noon Delno helped aft school

8 NW Finished dig potatoes Chil helped done at noon Saturday

9 SW Clear got 4 rows corn went to Pools & Ferichs aft noon for mail

10 NW Went to Walfords this morn took Chil that far hawled fodder Hot day

11 SE Went to Siefers came by Ferichs filled cisterns Hotday

12 SW Went to Dalton got good s sugar applesflour etc Hot day

sent letter to Clinton

13 NW Clear Jake went to Johns with caseing 2.00 oclock got there

about 5 talked with J Hall

14 SE At Johns put down gasing 21 joints 49 ft night when we got done

Big rain at home

15 NW Sand pumped got 6 or 7 ft water Put in pump came home

16 S Snaped some corn got home from Johns after dark warm

17 NW Went to Johns & Broadwater 3 times to fix pipe & rods

Sold hay to J Hall

18 NW Worked with John pumping till noon then give it up for while

Hard bottom

19 N Cool went to Dalton took 50 squash got coal 2 bu apples cold

N wind all day 2340 coal 945

20 NW Icxe 1 inch Put spuds in pit Went to Johns took Bu apples

& Flax for Broadwater

21 NW Stayed at Johns turkey last night to Flax to Broadwater this

morn got 5 sk flour

22 NW Took 2 hogs Dalton wt 650 shipped with Schulers Denver

23 NW Clear & Cool Sunday Ferichs here this morn to see if I got express

24 NW Snap corn pump water Pump stop went to Walfords this eve got

order signed & got mail

25 NW Clear fine snapped corn got 3 bbl water at noon for stock had mill

running Nice day

26 NW Finish snap corn rain little at noon Berges Fred went past with sand

sent $1.00 to JohnBerges with him Eunice school

27 NW Cool ice 1 in Co Supt Schoolyest fixed fence horses out Went aft

Eunice this Eve she got pretty cold hard wind

28 N Chase cattle off of ridge Went to Statens took casing back pd

him 1.40 for 4 joints used Laid sod windbreak pig pen

29 NW Found horses west of mill got house water went to ranch seen

Milt Ahrens didnt make any deal with Mack Huler

30 NW Sunday Clear Went to Schulers abt noon Hog brought 820 our

part 8.80 in Denver got home 530 this eve

31 NW J Went to Johns I washed children & sewed J. went to Broadwater pm

Got John lumber for house


Nov 1910

1 NW ice & frost at Johns None at home rained worked on Johns well

all day put pump in got 11 or 12 ft water

2 SW Pulled pump out this morn took sand pt off Pumped out sand &

was OK came home pm

3 SW Took Ferichs sand bucket home Butchered pig turned pig out

in eve little while on grass

4 NW Cool got brush for Pig shed tried mill it would not pump Earl Stevens

here this morn

5 NW Cool Went to Dalton got cylinder $6.00 went to sale Helvies

Got lumber for Wardrobe

6 NW Sunday Mrs Ferichs was here this aft Nice day Looks stormy this eve

7 NW Walford was here to get me to husk corn Fixed pig pen went to Berges

& Alberts to Pull get them tomorrow

8 NW Election pulled pump am 3 1/2 hrs drop pipe Fred Berges &

Walter W helped

9 NW Had mill fill tank Made Wardrobe Pretty windy about noo shut mill

out at sundown

10 NW Frost put doors on Wardrobe Picked cobs went hunting etc

seen 1 chicken

11 SE Nice morining 93 chicks seen big bunch grouse Pulled Nails

Cow Chips out of corral Sorted apples

Piece of paper stuck in Diary our 13 Aniversary 11 th

12 S Cloudy helped Soali Raise mill 14 men there had good luck

Was there all day

13 NW Cloudy cool Sunday All went to Ferichs to fix pump there for dinner

Pump no go got to be pulled

14 NW Frosty & clear hawled 2 loads stock water & fodder nice day but

little cool pm

15 SE Spittting snow this am helped Ferichs pull pump done 230 shot

pm porcupine north of house

16 SE Cool took gun and went around & turned mill in No wind cleaned

cistern shot at some grouse pm

17 NW Frosty & pretty cold getting house water only got 1/2 bbl no wind

18 S Frosty this morn went to Wickison to look for milk cow came by

Anderson & Olof & Linquist

19 NW Cloudy sprinkled am 5 bbl house water Raw wind had horses in

stalks 1st time

20 SW Clear this morn cool Sunday

21 SW Went to Dalton Vona Jesse Eunice & Jake got cow 40.00 cash

led her home bad blisters on my feet -U-bet

22 NW Cloudy & blowing some didnt do much feet sore Rainbow this eve

Shot at grouse

23 SW Cool Scraped up wheat cleaned out privy Vona making big dinner

for take John

24 NW Sleeting early but clearing We start for Johns 9 am got there little

before 12 Eat dinner started back at 4 pm got home 7

25 NW Not much wind nice day Fixes clock put salt out wrote letters to

Pierce & Geo & card to John

26 NE Cloudy went to Libs Reg letter to Pierce had dinner at Olafs he

gave me check 15.00 for crop destroyed

27 NW Snow 1 in last night thawed some of it today Sunday

28 S Cloudy but thawing some Still some snow Vona cut out Ina waist

had cow loose

29 SW Cloudy put salt on ridge Fixed door on house & Wardrobe

Vona finished waist Signed Childrens reports

30 NW Cloudy took Children 15 Min from here to Walfords chased cows

back in North pasture this eve


Dec 1910

1 SE Cold fixed fence Mouse traps stable Got mill pumping

2 SW Had mill pump filled Bed ticks Ferichs butcher pig this eve

3 NE Nice Morn Put dirt & manure west side dam

4 NW PM NW AM Sunday Sunchine at noon Blizzard this eve Stock

in hills

5 NW Bliz over qhite little snow Chil stay home Put cows in stalks did not

thaw much

6 SW Chil to school I fix fence Mill would not run had cows in stalks snow

melted some warm at noon

7 SW Clear 89 chicks had mill run wind this time went down about 1 pm

Made Jesse overalls Went to Berges see about male pig

8 NW Hawled manure around tank thawed some around noon

9 NO Wind Put cover on tank & straw & manure

10 NO Went to Dalton got letter from Geo 5 sks flour Soape with Woolsey

11 NO Wind to speak of snowed little last night went to Pools for mail

12 SE Snowed last night hawled straw mill run today Chil stay home stormy

13 SW Clear frosty Mina stay home today fix fence Vona took cows over

on ridge

14 NW Thawed lots of snow shelled corn hawled water 1 bbl for house

15 SW Clear nice shelled corn Box straw to cows went for water But mill

didnt run

16 NW Went to river got garden fence came by Johns Ada hawling water

But pump was OK John feeling bad

17 NW Went to Dalton got Bu apples 1.25 2 traps 150 sent card Soph

letter Geo & Lottie Ferichs Brot mail this eve & card

18 NW Got 3 BBl house water Sunday pretty fair day Set 2 traps this eve

19 NW Blowing hard Put cows out 130 pm Vona washed thawing did

not hang clothes out on account of wind

20 NO Wind Nice day warm got clothes dry fine tinkered around watched

Cows fixed stove pipe

21 SE 1 in snow last night & this morn Chil stay I n I HOME

Thawed about all snow

22 NW Snowed 1/2 in last night made straw rack Gave box straw to stock

pretty windy

23 NW hawled straw for pen Mill running Vona baked bread thawed some

24 SW hawled straw put 1 load manure at tank Chil got Xmas tree this aft

Vona Fixing it now 5 PM (Saturday)

25 NW Clear & Blowing Got tree in kitchen A L Ferichs & H. Hippen here

this eve Wanted turkey & ducks So they Said

26 SW Clear Went down to Johns they were gone to Omaha came by

Johnsons and Whitscums got home 330 pm

27 SW Nearly Clear Wrote some letters got horses also got cold got

Xmas things from Lottie

28 NW about clear Vona turned mill in didnt do much Bad cold quite little

Bliz & snow 2pm didnt last long

29 NW Colder & clear Was going to get house water but wind quit Blowing

wrote Moll Geo Lottie

30 SW Blowing & pretty cold went to Dalton sent batch letters

31 NW Warm Nice Com Snowing this eve got 3 bbl stock & 1/4 house water